Sofeya professional women set intellectual and romantic as one

Sofeya is an elegant women's fashion brand, she is both professional and exudes a rich femininity; both knowledge and romance, so confident, intellectual, elegant knowledge of women's fashion sofeya is the same style positioning.


Sofeya is a women's wear brand , Shanghai Langdai Clothing Co., Ltd. in the beginning of 2001 the introduction of the French famous brand sofeya, sofeya so far has been in China for nearly 11 years of growth history, as a more mature women's brand in mainland China, sofeya With the atmosphere of the shape, elegant temperament, the simplicity revealed in a low-key exquisite, confident revealed the soft graceful, set intellectual and romantic as one.

sofeya职业女装 集知性和浪漫为一体

In the application of the fabric sofeya more imported synthetic fibers and natural fabrics blended materials, both natural breathable and comfortable fabrics superiority, but also has the advantages of synthetic fibers easy to wear and care, pay attention to wear a sense of experience. Sofeya in the design has a slender silhouette modeling, sophisticated details of the deal, and the popular color match, interpretation of the current urban career women's intellectual and romantic, is sofeya brand soul.

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