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[China Glass Network] shopping guides need to have a number of non-general quality capabilities. Consultant-level product expertise, excellent customer communication skills, powerful shopping guide skills and tools, consistently high morale and confidence, and even inexplicable affinity. Any of these needs long-term learning comprehension, professional training, teacher guidance and even a little talent. Then there is no quick or immediate method to quickly promote an ordinary shopping guide to a "close" shopping guide. The answer to this article is: "Yes, there is such a method, its name is 'love'".

What is the method of "love"? You may have to say that this may be another epilogue. In fact, if you can really understand the content of this article, you will certainly achieve a surprising improvement in the level of shopping guide.

Let's go to the “store situation” to understand this super shopping guide – when customers enter the door, we don't have to distinguish the customer's identity, spending power, consumer demand, etc. These are all white! When customers enter the door, we must first use the "hypothesis of love." When the customer is a woman who is older than you, you can assume that she is her cousin. If she is older, she assumes her aunt. (Of course, you have no problem with your cousin or aunt. ). Here is the true assumption that you need to condense real emotions. Because only the "relatives" you are expecting come to the store to buy your own products, you will receive her with a warm and happy heart, from her point of view, and mobilize all body and mind to serve her.

The core of this method is "love." The philosophy of passing "love" with products and services is applied to the shopping guide, and you will find that your customers are becoming more welcoming, and the words spoken by the customers are also very pleasant. The customer will also feel your love for her, willing to tell her the needs, willing to talk to you. Of course, the later result is that you help your "relatives" to buy her more satisfactory products, and you also got this order.

The customer is not happy, the guide is not Gray. The more you want to eat, the more you want to eat, the more you can't eat it. The same is true for customers. The rational customer can tell which sentence you are saying is for her. Which sentence is just a fool of her. You can only get orders with completely sincere "love".

We call the lover's lunch lunch a love lunch, so the order for the customer to be a loved one is a "love order." The so-called savvy or reclamation also needs to have a successful experience as the basis. When you get a love order, you will definitely realize its power. You will be smart in copying successful methods, and confidence will grow stronger. When you face the next customer, you will be more comfortable, perform better, and have more and more love orders.

"Love Order" not only brings you the current order, it will also bring you future orders, because the order generated by "love" will make you and the customer a friend, this love will be through repeated contact or late order The service continues. Customers will always remember that there is a friend who sells **, and you will think of you when you repeat or recommend to buy. Everyone knows that this recommended purchase rate is very high. Gradually, your order is getting more and more like snowballing, and a close shopping guide is born.

So how do you become a guide? Everyone knows that the order has accumulated to a certain extent, and the level of the guide will change qualitatively. The performance makes you have a deep interest in learning product knowledge, actively participate in shopping guide training to improve communication skills, and timely summarize the use of various shopping guide techniques and tools. In the end, you will become a real guide.

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