[Body beauty • new] spring and summer "French fantasy" grand listing

Delicate and perfect tailoring

Fashion elegant three-dimensional lace

Become the most eye-catching focus of the female body

Sublime wonderful beauty

Graceful graceful graceful gesture

Let the ultimate tenderness and sexy release

You can not be ignored French aristocracy brought beauty


Style: 8195AA

Size: 70-85AB

Color: black, color, purple, ivory

1, cup noodles with light, thin, transparent fashion embroidery lace, fashion, elegant, sophisticated, showing the ultimate women's beautiful at the same time facilitate the coat with. Luxury appearance, superb technology, scientific design silent interpretation of women's dedication and pursuit of comfort and health.

2, the cup of nano-antibacterial fabrics and cotton air the perfect combination of more spontaneous than traditional sponge breathable, so breasts enjoy breathing freely.

3, high simulation breast contour magic three-dimensional cup, so that you have from A to C visual effects, so that the Mini Breast MM with coat more perfect S curve.


Style: 8195A4

Size: 70-85AB

Color: black, color, purple, ivory

1, specifically for the expansion of the breast petite, fat-dispersed women tailored to the classic palm-style hydration cup, natural pressure on breasts. Instantly create rounded, focused, charming cleavage.

2, ears plus the longer design, the effective underarm excess fat package.

3, under the extended bit of lace design, effectively cover stomach belly at the same time, allowing you to wear more to add a more confident and beautiful.

4, the lining of nano-antibacterial fabrics, with good moisture absorption and antibacterial, comfortable and natural, like the second layer of skin.


Style: 8195A2

Size: 70-85BC

Color: black, color, purple, ivory

1, three-dimensional cup type, steel support according to the body's golden ratio sideways, so wearing a more comfortable, rounded upper and lower body effect so that women can not put it down.

2, stealth increase ear earners design, effective Shoulong and wrapped underarm excess fat at the same time, cup noodles visual effect is perfect, delicate.

3, after the use of plastic mesh gauze and smooth texture imported double-pull the perfect combination of material, careful management of back fat at the same time, wearing a stable, visual effect traceless, showing a smooth beauty back.


Style: 8195F2

Size: M-XL

Color: black, color, purple, ivory

1, low waist flat foot design, good package hip effect, outline rounded plump curve

2, bottom waves using cotton fabric, soft, comfortable, well-care of women, to bring her a healthy quality of life.

3, light, thin, transparent fashion lace embroidery imported, the women's fashion, sexy performance most vividly.

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