Candy-colored shoes will take you back to innocence era

Ben Wang, April 24, entered the wonderful 2012 spring and summer, the inner innocence was completely inspired, a variety of candy-colored single-item emerged in an endless stream, not to mention the designers clever to these elements and clothing, The combination of shoes and shoes creates a dreamy and strange color that will bring this spring and summer to a childish era.

As the saying goes, "No matter what the shape is missing a pair of well-worn shoes to help you finish." A variety of sweet-colored candy-colored shoes can always be unexpectedly popular in spring and summer, the perfect interpretation of the classic wild , comfort, create a different romantic atmosphere. Let's take a look at which of the most eye-catching spring-summer candy-colored shoes are you most comfortable with.

Carven Reference Price: $665
Carven Reference Price: $665
Carven Reference Price: $595
Carven Reference Price: $595

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