Happy Mummy spring and summer 2011 product release held in October Humen!

Dongguan Tianhui Garment Co., Ltd. is a professional pregnant women clothing company: set design, development, production, marketing, marketing management as one of the integrated company, currently has Joy Mummy, Mummy Mummy, two well-known brands. Companies to improve the product mix, quality service, and actively explore and develop China's pregnant women clothing market, the best and most innovative products to consumers a new feeling. With its series of specialized, refined products along with the Chinese fashion mom who are healthy and happy during pregnancy. The company's flagship brand [ENJOYMAMI Joy Mummy] adhering to the promotion of pregnant women healthy pregnancy process, Happy Ferry pregnancy as the core business purposes, and actively advocate fashion Mummy healthy wearing new concepts, fashionable and creative design, sweet and happy expression of feelings , A unique romantic casual style, the use of natural and comfortable fabrics, for every expectant mom to provide care and caring care. "[ENJOYMAMI joyous mom] Spring / Summer 2011 Product Launch" will be held on October 8, 9 and 10, 2010 in Dongguan Company Headquarters. Christine please Mummy national agents, franchisees come to participate in the guidance. Now joy Mummy for the country invites provincial agents, franchisees. Interested customers can contact our customer service for details and apply for the participation form.

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