Autumn and winter warm fairy tales to a snow doll feast

Introduction: This year's autumn and winter T-Taiwan really is retro nostalgia, in addition to the LV as the representatives of the ladies of the fifties, rigorous style of the package, as well as people back to childhood full of fairy-tale complex Scandinavian-style printing pin sweater!

If you still think that sweaters filled with snowflakes and elk are too childish, it is a childish style, and quickly look at the lively and versatile design of the D&G 2010 fall/winter T stage! D&G advertisements for autumn and winter are based on snow mountains. Background feast of sports style, looking forward to Scandinavian style knit sweater, full of warm atmosphere, in fashion ads is definitely a rare piece of leisure and joy. Looking at the natural cheerful smiles of the models, who wouldn’t want to unload those dresses that are really good, embrace the warm winter!

秋冬温暖童话 来一场雪娃娃盛宴(图1)

D&G 2010 autumn and winter advertising released

D&G 2010 autumn and winter advertising has been released, and models dressed in new autumn and winter clothes have opened parties in romantic snow and ice backgrounds. The chiffon dress of the female model fluttered in the wind, but with a dark velvet dress and heavy boots, the conflict was romantic.

秋冬温暖童话 来一场雪娃娃盛宴(图2)

D&G 2010 Fall Winter Advertising

Knitted sweaters and ski suits are more suitable for this ice-snow party. The smiles of the models are full of youth and vitality.

秋冬温暖童话 来一场雪娃娃盛宴(图3)

D&G 2010 autumn and winter T stage

The D&G 2010 fall/winter T stage is filled with snowflake, elk and other Nordic style print elements. The novelty and variety of styles make all styles of MM have the desire to try!

秋冬温暖童话 来一场雪娃娃盛宴(图4)

Nordic print knit

Nordic style printed knitwear, full of warm atmosphere. Let people go back to childhood imagination full of fairytale complex.

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