Golden Autumn embellishment of your aesthetic love Garden Street No. 19 latest 'cool, Mei' autumn

No. Garden Street on the 19th (NO.19Garden Street) women's brand latest autumn and cool and charming, embellished your golden years, finish you a beautiful fashion youth! NO.19Garden Street women's brand reflects the bold and lively personality of women; avant-garde mix and match, gorgeous colors, multi-angle flashes young women's personality; the concept of "self-worship" of life into one, Reflect the new new human life-loving, independent and free attitude to life, as well as unlimited creativity and vitality. Europe and South Korea will mix and match the popular art play most vividly. Join the policy 1, free to join the fee, only 5000 yuan deposit (refundable), the contract a year sign; 2, the first shipment of more than 15,000; a total investment of 4-5 million; 3, shop area of ​​25 square feet, Bustling shopping district; the company has a shopping district protection; 4, the company provides decoration drawings, pop posters, membership cards, sales of small votes, handbags.

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