Woolen coat + leather bag out of the street to wear the most classic demonstration

This site on December 11 hearing, woolen coat as the most common coat in autumn and winter, with an endless stream, and pants and skirts, have different patterns. Let's take a look. The cooperation between wool coat and leather bag is definitely a good style.

Demonstration collocation: black and white horizontal stripes T-shirt + gray woolen coat + leather tight trousers + black pointed high heels + black leather envelope bag

Demonstration collocation: denim shirt + tree root pullover sweater + black denim skinny trousers + woolen long coat + boots + leather handbag

Demonstration collocation: orange red pullover + denim shirt + camel coat + black long stockings + brown flat Shoes + black leather handbag

Demonstration collocation: Woolen wool lamb lapel coat + black tight pencil trousers + sneakers + black leather shoulder bag

Demonstration collocation: grey black pullover + black woolen coat + white pencil trousers + black leather high boots + black leather handbag

Demonstration collocation: white shirt + broken denim trousers + large lapel woolen coat + black pointed high heels + red and black two-tone leather handbag (Collaborative Media: clothing collocation)

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