2014 General Trends: Party Modeling

During the winter season, who says that windiness and temperature cannot be shared at the same time? Turn your turtleneck over and put it on the bottom. Put on your most eye-catching party dress on the outside. Not only can you fight against the cold, but the level of fashion will soar. If you are more eye-catching, you may wish to put on a leather fur shawl with an exaggerated contrast of Charlotte Simone.

Taffeta Fabric is a kind of polyester thin fabric, polyester tafe after dyeing, printing, embossing, coating and other processing, so that it has the quality of light, durable, easy to wash, cheap and fine, has been used as all kinds of clothing and bags lining accessories. Feel smooth, not stick to the hand, full of elasticity, bright and dazzling, bright color, not easy to wrinkle, shrinkage less than 5%. Polyester taffeta is suitable for jacket, down jacket, umbrella, car cover, sportswear, handbag, suitcase, sleeping bag, tent, artificial flowers, shower curtain, tablecloth, chair cover and various high-grade clothing lining.

Taffeta Fabric

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