How to better preserve Hetian jade

In the collection of Hetian jade, with the changes in market conditions, some concepts should be changed, and we must keep pace with the times so that we can better purchase and collect Hetian jade.

Hetian jade

Concept 1: Non-seed materials are not collected

Hetian jade can be divided into seed material, mountain water material and mountain material according to the place of production. It is well known that the quality of the seed material is the best, and the production is also the least scarce. Many people think that the seed material is good, and the non-seed material is not. In fact, in Hetian jade's collection, its value judgment is not based on the place of origin, but more importantly, it is considered from the aspects of whiteness, texture and gloss. There is also a jade material in the mountain material that is better than the seed material.

Concept 2: Non-Hetian jade is not collected

In nephrite, the jade produced in Hetian is the best, and many people, when buying jade, first ask whether it is made in Hetian, and it is important to see the place of production. In fact, it has always been said that the jade produced by Hetian is a generalization. It is not that all the jade materials in Hetian are better than other jade. The jade produced in other places on the market can also be compared with Hetian jade. Especially in today's market, Hetian jade production is not much, the finest jade is less, and other jade species, such as Qinghai jade, Russian jade, which are top grades, can also be collected.

Concept 3: No skin color is not collected

Many people mistakenly believe that the material that has to be skin color is a good jade. In fact, this is a partiality. It is very important. The skin color is very important. The jade quality under the skin color is more important. it is good.

I believe that through the introduction of the above small series, if you can get a good understanding of the friends and understand the above, I believe that you can collect your favorite and valuable Hetian jade!

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