What are the potentials of collecting crafts?

In recent years, people’s interest in collecting gifts has not diminished, and due to rising prices and currency devaluation in recent years, more and more people have joined the ranks of collectors in order to protect their own property. In some respects, it is an investment, a long-term investment that preserves value and advances! Among these collections, they are divided into general poor collections and noble collections. Although both are collectibles, there is a huge difference in price and promotion space.

In terms of redwood, which has a better domestic situation in recent years, it has the distinction between Asian redwood and African redwood, and the quality of uneven prices can vary by 5 to 10 times. Because African redwood is silty and grows fast; Asian redwood land is strong and grows slowly, and its principle is rare. Therefore, Asian mahogany is expensive and its collection value is also high, especially China's Hainan Pear and India. Red sandalwood, the price of the handicrafts made by these two raw materials are extremely expensive, especially the yellow rosewood can only be formed for hundreds of years. It is extremely rare on the market and can be considered as a non-renewable resource, so every time this occurs When it comes to handicrafts, it is basically at the auction, and the price is also quite high. There are hundreds of thousands of items and as many as millions of items.

The items described above are the first grade for Phoebe. Although the above species are rare, there are also finished products and existing saplings, but for P. acerifolia, it is almost extinct. In particular, in recent years, the species has been devastated by this species, and now the seedlings are extremely precious. The price of a tree is a few million, not to mention the price of a craft. Of course, this kind of collection, whether it is potential or its current value, is huge, but obviously it is not affordable for the average person.

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