HOLY MOLY fashion casual dress I have my personality

In 2005, with the dream of changing the world, we started the journey of creation and established the carrier of two dreams of HOLY MOLY and HUBBA HUBBA. With them, all the life sentiment and attitude have been communicated Channels, I hope people care more about their own lives, from the daily life to rediscover the long-lost happiness. HOLY MOLY in a number of competitive brands to form a distinctive distinctive qualities and innovation, long-term perception of life creative concept throughout the promotion of operations and services, HOLY MOLY has a strong appeal, the individual's concern triggered by the consumer Resonance, closer to the brand and the distance between individuals. HOLY MOLY Fashion Casual Wear I have my personality HOLY MOLY Fashion Casual Wear I have my personality Each brand may provide consumers with similar products, but to provide individual experience and cultural experience is far cry from, with the HOLY MOLY mature and more and more attention and love people, we still adhere to the brand positioning, in the specific business model, through the creation, production, supply, sales and other aspects of the combination of brand development and maintenance And management on an important position to the brand's creative advantage to cut corners, and thus the advantages of the formation of brand management.

Topline is China leading manufacturers and suppliers of Paper Yarn,Natural Paper Yarn, and we are specialize in Paper Yarn Cones, Novelty Paper Yarn, etc.

As a natural eco-friendly and healthy knitting material, paper yarn can be applied in various fields. Paper yarn knitwear or accessory satisfy people`s need of fashion, comfort and environmental protection and bring us new feel, therefore it has good development prospect.

Paper material is made by the method of traditional paper production. It is new type material made from wood fibre. Paper material is produced in Japan and the Netherlands. It is light with the feel of linen and has excellent moisture absorption and sweat releasing property.

we have below paper yarn for your choice:

MONET; Nm6 50%paper 32% cotton 16%polyamide 2% sequins yarn

CARTA: Nm23 76% paper 24% polyamide yarn

Paper Yarn

Paper Yarn,Natural Paper Yarn,Paper Yarn Cones,Novelty Paper Yarn

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