Warmly celebrate Susan say Sanso women's brand new summer conference in 2013 ended


Warmly celebrate Sanso fashion women's brand new summer conference in 2013 ended! susan say Sango fashion women's brand, the introduction of the most fashionable design concept, and the effective combination of fashion and the market, adhere to the "fashionable and practical, excellent quality," the product concept, customers continue to be like, so Sango market share and brand awareness Constantly improve, has become the most potential fashion brand women.

热烈庆祝susan say桑索女装品牌2013年夏季新品发布会圆满落幕

"Susan say Sangsuo" fashion women's brand, has now established a nationwide professional sales outlets more than 200, the formation of a unified image of the department stores, self-franchise stores, efficient, stable joining network organic marketing system , Operating performance at a rapid rate of 30% annual growth. The order will be successfully held for the development of Sanso women's clothing in 2013 opened a good start!

热烈庆祝susan say桑索女装品牌2013年夏季新品发布会圆满落幕

"Susan say Sanso" elegant, urban, romantic minimalist mix and match as the main style. A single product will be fine, using a single product mix will be carried out in the end with a simple mix and match to reflect the femininity. Target customers Description: They are urban life style urban women, the psychological age of 25-38 years old, chic and not flamboyant, individuality without alternative, always the appropriate benefits of exudes its own unique fashion with the concept, Randomly revealed exquisite.

We do not rely on low-cost customers to attract the eye and win cooperation opportunities,we do
not sacrifice the quality of products to give you a low price as a competitive advantage.we adhere to 
product innovation, great quality, environmental protection, service first,profit-chain products,
target products for customers to create more value!

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