Kobe Bryant three series of autumn and winter compose a happy childhood movement

Kiong Bear children targeted consumers targeted at 3-15 year-old children, they are full of youthful vitality, vibrant, follow the fashion, assertive, is to enjoy the pleasant life of the individual groups. Leisure Series: Mainly to Europe and the United States cultural precipitation, wearing comfortable, with clear colors, simple style and generous, highlight the democratic and cultural personality, to create a fresh and eye-catching children, vibrant new image. Metropolis Series: Europe and the United States fashion classic, elegant blend of noble culture into the classic style, to meet today's noble children's dress level and the pursuit of children's clothing, and fully display the children's neat, end-loaded, noble aristocratic atmosphere. Sports Series: Fashion casual sports combined with Europe and the United States healthy green awareness, the noble cultural ideas into fashion, health this trend, fully embodies the modern young people's health sports fashion trends.

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