Hello Kitty Fashion Girls Lingerie is about to open in Shanghai Joy City opened a gift

Hello Kitty fashion girls lingerie is about to enter Shanghai Joy City! Since its opening, Shanghai Joy City has been targeting the most popular pulse in Shanghai and attracting the most fashionable date homes in the city. The strongest wave this winter brings the most attention to Hello Kitty and its families to the tide For the first time in the Mainland, this exhibition will surely lead to an unprecedented gathering of people. Jiafu (Shanghai) Garment Co., Ltd. To thank the consumers for a long time Hello Kitty R.Ribbon's love and support, in order to celebrate the arrival of Shanghai Joy City in particular the following activities to enhance the brand image and promote sales.


Event Time: November 20, 2012 - November 25, 2012 (6 days in total)

Activity area: Shanghai Joy City counter


1. Full credit limit (purchase of pajamas products only)

1) a one-time shopping over ¥ 200, set by 50 yuan

2) one-time shopping over ¥ 300 yuan, legislation by 80 yuan

2. full gift (only purchase pajamas products)

1) Customers pay a one-time payment of the full amount of 288 yuan, send a collection of Hello Kitty boutique desk calendar 1.

2) Another plus ¥ 10 元 Enjoy: Kitty modeling oil soap 1 (38 yuan value)

The amount of gifts is limited, the first to get first

Jiafu (Shanghai) Garment Co., Ltd. sole agency international well-known cartoon brand Hello Kitty HELLOKITTY underwear items in mainland China's production and marketing rights; · HELLOKITTY underwear brand in the world for many years, with excellent brand awareness, is a series of young people Representatives of fashion goods; · HELLOKITTY lingerie brand in the domestic female consumer layer deep influence. From the December 2006 listing, HELLOKITTY underwear has been in the country to showcase stores, such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Guangdong, Urumqi, Harbin and other major cities.

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