Romantic glamour wedding shoes on the toe add points to your happiness

This site September 18 hearing, in the days of marriage, every bride wants to be perfect, and he went to the wedding hall with his beloved. This quarter, the bride's wedding shoes are still designed for the mainstream of luxury sweet, Xiao Bian is now to introduce the charm of the supreme wedding shoes, and soon after the red carpet that you will choose.

ASOS 立体印花高跟鞋

ASOS three-dimensional printing high-heeled shoes, the focus of this pair of shoes, that is, the most creative place is the heel, thick heel covered with colorful flowers, like a fairy tale romantic charming, very exciting.

Benjamin Adams 钻饰浅口高跟鞋

Benjamin Adams adorned shallow-heeled high-heeled shoes with a heel height of more than 10 cm. He was also treated with a raised heel at the tip of the shoe. He wears a lot and it is very awkward. At the same time, diamonds are inlaid on the heel and the tip of the shoe, which is very luxurious.

Miss L Fire 鱼嘴高跟鞋

Miss L Fire fish mouth high heels, classic and very interesting high-heeled shoes, toe at the heart-shaped hollow, cute and sweet. Not exaggerating the design is easy to harvest the hearts of girls.

Christian Louboutin 多彩铆钉高跟鞋

Christian Louboutin colorful rivets high heels, the surface of the shoe body is inlaid with about ten different colors of small rivets, both domineering and can echo the festive atmosphere of the wedding.

Miu Miu 水墨白底高跟鞋

Miu Miu high-heel white ink heels, very Chinese style design, the use of white shoe body design, the toe at a small Chinese ink painting, high-heeled shoes like a work of art, very elegant and impressive.

Lucy Choi 蛇纹亮片高跟鞋

Lucy Choi serpentine sequined high heels, serpentine body decoration is very domineering, plus the use of sequins made of materials, it is easy to attract attention. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of Meryl shoes)

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