Ladies and Womens store opened in Hunan Yueyang opened only 2 days Supermarket 35,000

Today, ladies' era ladies Hunan Yueyang shop franchisee good news, shop opened on the 24th only 2 days, sales of 35000 super! Customer happy, very satisfied. In this wish Yueyang shop performance steadily climb to a new high!

The rapid development of ladies 'brand women's chain stores has benefited the brand's core values ​​of the ladies' era, adheres to the brand differentiation and insists on the development of individualized brands. With the growth plan of franchisee market of "made, done, and done for a long time" According to market demand, as well as the different conditions of each franchisee, formulate the most suitable for its development programs to ensure that each franchisee can be made, thoroughly, for a long time.

1, first-class terminal shop decoration (customers can not be attracted to it? Because most of the clothing store decoration on the market is very general)


2, first-class clothing display effect (customers can not be attracted? Change at least 2 times a week clothing display)

淑女时代女装湖南岳阳新店开业 开业仅2日销售业绩超3.5万

3, first-class quality of clothing styles (customers can not be attracted to it? All seven product inspections, an average of 3-5 days style update cycle)

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