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"I am convinced that fashion has the power to change one person and give you a unique charm, and nothing can, like it, bring delightful changes in your life and mood, no matter who you are, you want to be Who, without words, your dress will sound for you. "

A business suit, a woman's most special friend, may have never touched your neck tenderly and gently without twisting your finger or wrist without even touching the skin with the slightest touch of it Inadvertently revealed your identity, tell your pride, say your courage.

美诗缇 - MIXTIE

Clipped simple three-dimensional and full of mystery, at the same time into the silhouette and folds elements, fabrics are soft and upright, calm and full of energy, perfect shape of a indifferent atmosphere, elegant and relaxed independent women, do smart but delicate woman Is the key to prop up this body suit.

女士西装怎么穿优雅又帅气 西装搭配

In the continuation of the ultimate design of the subtraction add exquisite details at the same time, able to simplify the simple lines, complicated geometry + flower shorts so crisp outerwear and neat within the perfect combination of minimalist and complex between the skin of women to show the infection The strength is also just soft beauty.

女士西装怎么穿优雅又帅气 西装搭配

Learn how to wear suits, also indirectly learned how to show their elegance: long lines, cool colors, intensity contour, pure match, all highlight the woman's charm beyond the sensibility and pride. Know how to express but not domineering, this charm is really attractive.

女士西装怎么穿优雅又帅气 西装搭配

Cut the profile of minimalist modern, perfect and imperfect succession of sewing details, clean color, tranquil femininity reveals avant-garde fashion sense. In the dazzling dress was attracted at the same time contained in that dress under the strong temperament is the most women should learn.

女士西装怎么穿优雅又帅气 西装搭配

Loose outline, delicate but quite retro-style design, creating a very personal dress. Black and minimal outline of the collision, can be glossy gorgeous satin, but also can be a solemn material expected serious. Either way, women are exclusive whims.

The Multicolor Guipure Embroidery Fabric includes Mat Poly Guipure Embroidery Fabric and shiny Poly Guipure Embroidery Fabric.

Mat Poly Guipure Embroidery Fabric

Chemical Lace Embroidery Fabric

Shiny Poly Guipure Embroidery Fabric

Chemical Lace Embroodery Fabric

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Multicolor Guipure Embroidery Fabric

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