The mystery of the Maya Holy Well contains numerous gold and silver jewels and human skeletons.

Everything about the Mayan culture seems to be a mystery, so that people can get caught up in it and can't extricate themselves. Among the last existing stone towns in the Maya found, there is such a holy well, a natural well formed by limestone. There are hundreds of gold and gemstone offerings in the well, and there are hundreds of human skeletons.

According to legend, the ancient and mysterious Mayans worshipped the rain gods. Every spring, a grand ritual was held. The 14-year-old beautiful girl selected by the king put a holy well to the "Rain Palace". Let her go to the bride of Rain God. At the same time, various jewels were thrown into the holy well, and the rain gods were begged for good weather. In the 16th century, the Maya suddenly disappeared from the earth, and the holy well that gathered huge wealth was also hidden.

In mid-July 1987, the French explorer Daniel embarked on the road of treasure hunt. More than ten days later, he met an ancient rocky mountain and found a raised road on the left.

Daniel decided to explore and found that there was a stone monument almost covered by wild grass not far from the front. This is the relic of the Maya: a girl stretched out her hands to meet the rain, this is the Mayan holy well monument. Sure enough, he soon found the Pyramid Temple of the Maya.

When Daniel cleaned the temple, he found a large slate in the middle of the floor with a hollow sound. He opened the slate and found a spacious basement with a large stone pier. He removed the stone pier and revealed a square hole below. Daniel probed a glimpse, a 4 meter long python was opening his mouth to him! He rushed to kill the giant python with a shotgun. Take a closer look, there are two human bones on the slate that are bitten by the big snake! Daniel found a layer of slate under the skeleton. He opened five stone slabs and found a stone door. He tried his best to remove the stone door and reveal a black hole. He took out the rope and climbed down. When he accidentally loosened his hand, he fell.

After Daniel regained his seat, he ignited the torch and found himself lying in the jewels! This 15-meter-deep cave is filled with gold, bracelets, jade ornaments and vases filled with precious stones.

Benjamin, the leader of the American Mafia Black Hawk organization, found Daniel and offered a price of $1 million to try to buy the secret of the Holy Well. After being rejected by Daniel, Benjamin kidnapped Daniel.

A few days later, Benjamin and Daniel and a group of six people got off the helicopter and walked for three days on foot, exhausted and exhausted. The four gangsters asked the boss to give some rest time. Benjamin pulled out a gun and fired four shots at a gangster named Brush. The next day, five of them came to a geyser valley next to the holy well. The last time Daniel passed by here, the local mountain people once told him that before the geyser suddenly erupted, the gap between the surrounding rocks would emit white misty water vapor. In a few minutes, the hot spring water would be in the middle of the sea. Sprayed out...

Sure enough, after about 10 minutes, Daniel found a white mist in the crack. He said to Benjamin: "Sir, I am going to the big rock on the mountain to judge the direction." Benjamin ordered a gangster named Hart to follow Daniel. Daniel immediately climbed up the steep stone wall, and the tall Hart followed. Daniel took the opportunity and slammed Hart down. Benjamin knew that he had gotten it and shot the pistol. Daniel can't dodge, and there are a few bombs in his body. At the same time, there was a scream in the ground, and then a hot spring spewed out. Daniel desperately climbed up and climbed to the top of the cliff with amazing perseverance.

Daniel knows that his time is running out. He used his trembling hand to touch the pen and the diary, supporting the body and writing: "...the one that brings the most tempting imagination is the treasure, and the treasure that brings fatal endings!"

In the late 1990s, a group of European and American archaeologists discovered Daniel's remains and diary on the cliff top. According to the various clues recorded in the diary, the experts found the world-famous "the first holy well in the world." Risking their lives, the experts installed a dredging machine and officially salvage. The first thing that was dug out was the sludge, and then many bones were dug up. This is the bone of the "brides". Then numerous gold and silver, jewellery, utensils and jewelry were dug up.

At this point, all the secrets of "The First Holy Well in the World" have been made public, and they provide excellent materials for people to study the Mayan culture.

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