Kenso brand men's spring and summer 2013 new conference was successfully held

konsul Kenso brand men's spring and summer 2013 new product launches in the September 10, 2012 to September 11 in Zhejiang Kenzo Garments Co., Ltd. conference room and the image of the exhibition was held! From the provinces, municipalities, agents, joined A total of more than 100 guests were invited to attend this event. At 8:15 am on September 10, an exchange meeting was held in the conference room of Zhejiang Kenzo Garments Co., Ltd. with the theme of "training manager". The general manager, director of marketing, training director, director in charge of display and other responsible person, a total of 20 stores manager attended the training meeting to discuss learning in order to seek long-term development. On the morning of September 11, the image exhibition hall of Zhejiang Kenzo Fashion Co., Ltd. was held. Under the theme of "Sailing and Sailing," the conference was held in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. 2013 new product launches in product planning, product development, fabric development, style design, color relations and other aspects of a new breakthrough and bold attempt. Clear brand positioning, through business and leisure subdivision style performance; to maintain the original men's classic, elegant, embodies the tide of fashion and maintain its own elegant style of quality; at the same time into the fresh summer flu, access to the customer Unanimously agree and applauded! We have reason to believe that the truth set sail, is bound to ride the wind and waves, but also continued brilliant!

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