Into the love music written by jewelry and nature

Spring is the season when everything recovers, and the natural charm seems to touch the jewellery brand. If you want to re-enclose the charm of nature, perhaps only jewelry designers can do it. The blossoming flowers, the colorful leaves and the lovely insect butterflies are all created with a variety of gems to create a lifelike attitude. Then there are a variety of jewels and accessories full of natural aura, spring flowers, animal movements, these are polished, inlaid, engraved in jewelry accessories, plus the brilliance of the jewelry itself and its representative The connotation of love constitutes a group of love music written by jewels and nature.

These KN95 masks have the following features:

Complies with KN95 standards for CDC NPPTL Respirator Assessments to Support the COVID-19 Response
3-layers of Protection: Uses a triple layer of melt-blown nonwoven material to block 95% of incoming particulates.
Secure Seal: The adjustable nose piece provides a secure seal. Easy Breathing: Advanced non-woven fabric is easy to breathe through.

Comfortable Design: Made with durable elastic straps and a skin-friendly, soft non-woven fabric optimized for long periods of wear


If the mask is damaged or soiled, or if breathing becomes difficult, remove the mask, discard it properly.
Keep the storage area dry at room temperature.
This mask may not eliminate the risk of all diseases and infections.
This mask must be sealed properly, misuse can result in higher risk 

Kn95 Face Masks

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